Dave Ryding Race Coverage

As part of my full-time job at Snowsport England, Social Media is one of my lead areas. As such, when opportuities arise – like a record-breaking performance by a British skier, I go above & beyond to ensure that:

  1. Our brand gets as much reach & engagement as possible
  2. An athlete gets as much coverage and support as possible
  3. Our followers have access to as much information as possible

On the morning of 22nd January 2017, Dave Ryding skied one hell of a first run, leaving him sat in the unfamiliar position of sitting in first place after Run 1. Last to drop in Run 2, he held himself together and ended up 2nd – the first World Cup Alpine Podium for a British racer in 35 years.



My aim for the “campaign” as it turned out to be – rather than just an average day of ski racing – was to provide as much coverage about the race, and successive achievement, as possible, to help get the sport into the eye of the mainstream media, and to associate our brand with this success.

Target Audience

The ‘campaign’ was targeted primarily at anyone with an interest in alpine ski racing, and the secondary audience was anyone who might have an interest in ski racing.



With the exhilirating speed that social media works at, I knew that (like ski racing) timing would be everything, and the first-movers would bask in the light of success. In advance of the second run, I started outlining various outcomes – at the risk of jinxing Dave – and preparing Facebook posts and tweets with accompanying photos for each eventuality.

This fore-sight and preparation meant that as the result came through, I was able to easily posts and send tweets about Dave’s incredible result within moments of him crossng the finish line.

Being prepared meant I was able to create the content first, meaning that Snowsport England posts and tweets were the first to be liked, retweeted and re-posted. And whilst this content was created and appropriately scheduled – I was able to pay attention to what other key industry influencers were saying and join in the conversation.

A conversation that was all about Dave Ryding.

Tweetdeck is my platform of choice for Twitter, and I created customised newsfeeds for all tweets mentioning Dave, Skiing and other similar terms – and those newsfeeds didn’t stay stationary at all.

To help keep our followers – and the general snowsports industry – informed in the races, I kept an eye out for people complaining of not being able to watch the runs, providing hyperlinks to the Live broadcast on the BBC for the Schladming Slalom, and to the FIS Live Results page.

Signposting digital users who might be interested in taking up ski racing or finding out more about the sport, and because of my preparation, I was able to remember to include the hyperlinks to the right pages of our website where followers could find out more information the sport, finding their localclub or just how to get involved. This involved coordinating the posts across several Facebook pages, to help target the key audiences and achieve the aims of the campaign.



This has been my most successful campaign to date, particularly across Facebook.


  • 225k page reach (Over 5 days)
  • Top Post: 127k post reach, 1.7k Likes, 273 shares and 69 Likes.
  • Other Posts: 6.8k, 5.5k, 10.4k, 8.1k, 6.2k, and 8.7k reach.


  • 163k impressiones over the period of the campaigns


  • 6 Posts


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