Panorama-gram? Instagram’s hidden feature.

The mobile-only platform doesnt usually let you get the most out of your Panorama photos – but here’s how you can unlock the opportunity of posting epic sunrise panorama’s without losing the detail.

Instagram started off really restrictive – limiting what you could upload to just square, polaroid-style images. It then relaxed slightly – allowing you to upload portrait or landscape orientated shots. But what about Panorama’s?

Ok – maybe it’s not “hidden” as such, and it’s less a feature and more a conglomeration of 2-features: The Instagram Multiple Photos feature and a handy app called “Insta Grid”.

Install the app (I’m on Android and it works pretty easily) load your Panorama and position the 1×3 grid option over the bit of the panorama you want to display on your Insta. Unfortunately it still cuts down your panorama a little bit – unless you want to re-peat the process with the other half of the photo later on.

Hit ‘done’ and it will show you the panorama broken down into the 3 square photos.

Screenshot_20170411-165055 Screenshot_20170411-165102

Here’s where it gets a bit fiddly.

You then have to post each photo individually to Instagram so it saves it on your phone and then delete it straight away, or you can save it to your SD card. I’d recommend the latter!

Once you’ve done this with each square portion of your panorama, you can continue with the 3 photos, or go back and try line the grid up to capture the one’s you missed.

Open up Instagram

Go to add a new photo, and then select the “Multiple Photos” feature and select the individual square photos of your panorama – in the right order of course. If you select them in the right order, when it’s posted, you should be able to swipe left and view your panorama as a seamless series of shots.

It may not seem like much – but it adds a new dimension to your Instagram account.


What do you think to this idea?

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