Social – I’m packing…a lot of technology for a trip

  1. Lenova Laptop
    1. This is a present from work to help me manage the social media channels at the unsocial hours that a social media gig demands. But it’s pretty ace – not quite the Macbook Pro that I lost to a spilt drink a few years back, but still does what it needs to. It’s one of these dead fancy new ones with a touch screen that foolds back to become like an oversized tablet – something I now take for granted.
    2. It comes everywhere with me nowadays – I’m always ready to write some content, and if I’m travelling then the inspiration levels seem to be way higher. Something about staring out the window of a train, or people-watching in an airport seems to drive the creative cogs.
  2. Ipad
    1. Again another gift from work, primarily to manage social media at events. Whilst I’m not an iphone person, the iPad is great and it’s portability is great for following competitions and events whilst on the move.
  3. Long-ass Charger
    1. Because I can’t stand having to sit next to the wall whenever I’m low on charge. This one is super sturdy and was about a fiver on Amazon, and gives the freedom to sit on the sofa and still have access to the phone.
  4. Kindle
    1. I’m a book worm at heart, and love to read whenever I’m travelling – or even in the evening on the sofa. I’m a sucker for crime novels – James Patterson is a personal favourite, but I’ve also recently been getting into the post-apocalyptic, dystopian-future type of novel series that seem to have come out of the authors en masse.
  5. 2 smart phones
    1. Because 1 just isn’t good enough!! I’ve been on Three for a couple of years, and when I went to renew my contract they made it cheaper by giving me two contracts at £15 and £16 a month instead of the 1 contact at £32 a month. I’m not sure the details, but I ended up with two phone numbers and started to use my old phone as a business phone. It’s pretty handy as I load one of them with music, and use the other one for photos/videos and social media activities.
  6. Dictaphone
    1. Whenever I travel I always pack this little guy – just in case the chance to interview someone pops up, or I have a wild thought I just can’t describe in writing. A lot of the time this Dictaphone is used for recording the sound in on-camera interviews – it does the job pretty well, only picking up sounds from nearby and isolating them from the rest of the environment.
  7. Notepad & marker pen
    1. For jotting down ideas – you never know when they’ll hit: In the airport, on the plane/train, when you’re out and about.
  8. Thermos
    1. I love tea. A lot of the places I travel to are cold, so I fill this up with tea and take it with me to make sure I can get my fix and warm myself up – whether it’s the wakepark, a mountain or just a long train journey.
  9. Plugs
    1. With the amount of tech in this photo, I need a lot of chargers to keep em all juiced up – and when abroad those chargers need adapters!
  10. Passport & money
    1. Because otherwise it’s a hard task to get out the country! I always carry a bit of cash to make sure that I can get snacks and food on arrival – I have a fear of being thirsty (hence the thermos….)
  11. Gopros
    1. Whilst 3 is probably a bit excessive, on filming trips I like to have the opportunities to cover all angles – and it also means you can film for longer due to having 3 batteries! GoPro’s used to be the signature action sports athlete camera, but now every backpacker and tourist has one with them – and who can blame them, the quality they film at is incredible for such a small camera.
  12. Canon DSLR
    1. One of the key goals for this trip is to capture footage to create a highlights video, and for that I needed a good quality camera. This is one I borrowed from a professional filmographer, who is also the one putting the edit together – we’ve worked well in the past and he tends to make everything look increidble.
  13. Pack of Cards
    1. – These pass endless train journeys. On our trip to the Brits (4 trains from Grenoble, France to Laax, Switzerland) we spent 75% of the time playing cards between the three of us.
  14. Headphones
    1. Because it’s nice to have some background music when you’re staring out the window of a train/plane. I’m a big Rise Against fan, and 99% of the time there’s a strong chance that it’s my Rise Against playlist that’s on repeat in my ears.

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