Sundays Social Six-ness – Vol. 1

Welcome to a new blog category I came up with: Sundays Social Six-ness. Every sunday, when you’re getting that sick feeling of heading back to the office on a Monday morning, you’ll be able to find 6 different social media blog posts that I’ve enjoyed reading or found useful this week. I’ll hopefully develop this into a mailer once it get’s rocking and rolling – but that’s for later.

1. Snapchat Vs Instagram Vs Facebook stories (via Social Media Today)

A great look at the Story Battle – which platform should you be using?

Read the article

2. How to Schedule Tweets wit a video (via SoCial Quant)

Video content is incredibly hot right now on social media. Are you maximising your video content’s reach?

Read the article

3. How to host an Instagram Takeover in 7 Easy Steps (via Hubspot)

Have you got a good influencer in your market?

Read the article

4. How Content generates Leads (Via Digital Marketer)

Another reason as to why content is king.

Read the article

5. How to write the best Instagram Caption (via Hootsuite)

Keep it short & sweet – remember, a picture tells 1000s words

Read the article

6. The best Free social media tools for small businesses (via Giraffe Social Media)

As a small business, it’s hard to fork out for the premium software’s – but these freebies might help out a lot. We’re big fans of Tweetdeck…

Read the article

Keep an eye out for more Sundays Social Six-ness next week!

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