Dopey DogBlog – Vol. 1

Dopey DogBlog is a new blog following the Dood, Henry, and his pals in their day-to-day doggy lives. Of course, Henry couldn’t actually write these, so I’m having to translate his sniffs, barks and spaced-out expression into words. Just roll with it.

It is hot in the UK. Especially if you’re black and your hooman refuses to take off your furry winter coat. I feel like I’m wandering around Miami in a ski jacket. But anyway, it’s nicer than wandering through that constant downpour of water that is otherwise the case.

So what did I do at the weekend? I ran! Well, more specifically, the hooman ran – and I followed him at a gentle trot, because hooman isn’t as fast or fit as he likes to tell people. But Sssh.

I found a few dogs on my trot – but they all scared the doodle out of me, so I did what any sane doggy would do and ran at full sprint around them so they couldn’t eat me. Hooman yelled at me a few times and called me a pain – but what’s he know about these little sh*ts?! They might be armed – I aint risking it.

It got hot on the trot so I grabbed a drink at every possible puddle, stuck my tongue as far as I could, and waited for the hooman to share something watery with me when we got back to his box on wheels.

The next few hours are a blur – I closed my eyes and before I knew it, the bright ball in the sky had disappeared and everything was black again. Crazy surprise.


A bit more naps and the sun was well high in the sky. Not sure how it works? Anyway the hoomans got more hoomans round and set a bloody big barrel on fire so it was even hotter. Not fair. They then threw bits of food onto it AND WOULDN’T GIVE ME ANY!

More naps – the hoomans went to their other house and came back a little wobblier, and next thing I know, tall hooman is wandering around the kitchen moaning about “Mundays”?

Crazy times eh – and apparently we’re going for another run tonight. Maybe I should fake an injury if  it’s still this hot?

Anyway, I’m off to nap.

Dopey, out.



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