Dopey DogBlog – Vol. 2

It’s a Dog-Chase-Dog World out there, so what’ve I been up to.

That heatwave didn’t go well for doggies is it?! I’ve got this spinny blowy thing in my room in the house, so I played dead in front of that to cool off for almost all-day every day – until it was cool enough outside for Hooman to stretch my legs. Unfortunately he took the two little white-fluffballs along and I found out THEY’RE NO LONGER FLUFFBALLS!?!

Bobble-head Hugo

That’s right – they’ve been scalped, and are now happy as larry in this summer heat (I’m not sure who Larry is, but he get’s mentioned a bit). And did Hooman get my coat shaved off? Nope. The only bonus is that Hugo has been left with a fluffy head and looks like the weird bobble-head thing that Hooman has on the dashboard of his car.

My bad week went from bad to worse as Hooman has dropped me off at the hotel and went off galavanting in his suit and tie. So I’m sat here competing with a million other dogs to see who can bark the loudest.

BUT they do leave food out all the time at the hotel, so I’m getting nice and fat, like the Turkey at Christmas (which I never get to eat!).

When will Hooman come and pick me up? Has I been abandoned?




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