Creative Marketing

What is Vogan Collective Creative Marketing?

Creative Marketing is the social media arm of the brand, aimed at boosting your brands social media and digital presence.

People nowadays use social media more than search engines to find out information about a brand. Their pages are often more-up-to-date than their website and you get a much greater understanding about what the brand does – as well as such a quick response to queries. As such it’s essential to have an awesome social media presence.

But it can be a daunting task – how do you start? What should you post? Who should you tag? How do you get the best advertisement’s for your products?

But what does Creative Marketing offer?

We’re pretty flexible and open to all ideas, suggestions and requests, but typically:

Social Channel Management

We’ll take the reigns of your channels – share content, engage with and respond to followers, and build a following for your brand. This can be done with as much or as little involvement of you or your staf ass you’d like.

Social Channel Analysis

We’ll take a look at your channels from an analytical perspective and compile a report to send back to you. What worked well? What didn’t have an impact? We’ll fire across a few suggestions for you to enhance your channels. This can be a one-off analysis, or we can do it monthly to monitor your progress over a certain time period.

Project/Campaign Creation

Have you got a new product launch coming up? We’ll help you out – whether it’s just a bit of brainstorming with ideas, or giving our feedback on ideas you’ve already come up with. Hell, give us the ball and we can run with it.


How much do our Creative Marketing services cost?

It varies from project to project – certain brands require us to be more invested with our time than others, so we budget accordingly. A good figure to estimate with is £25 per hour.


Whats the process?

Well first up we’d touch base with you (obviously) – either over skype, email or phone, to find out more about your brand: Your history, your objectives, your brand personality, your products. We’ll then discuss just want you want to get out of us – reports, channel management etc.

Social Channel Management

We’d talk through what sort of content you usually post, and spend some time following your channels to see what has worked and what hasn’t. We’d want plenty of visual stuff from you of your brand: photos of products, video content etc. This varies from brand to brand – if you offer a lot of products then this might be really simple. If you offer a service that isn’t overly aesthetic, then we can work around that. We’ll then agree a schedule for posting across the channels, and go on from there – and we’ll be in regular contact as it starts sliding along.

Social Media Analysis

Once we’ve touched base, we’ll discuss what your take is on your channels, what you’ve tried etc, before going away and taking a very in-depth look at your channels. We won’t post anything at all – we’re just glancing under the hood, to see what we can find!

Project/Campaign Creation

When we’re trying to brainstorm ideas etc and get an idea rolling along for a product launch or campaign, we’ll try our best to meet face-to-face or over skype in a creative environment to really get the brain working.

Now let’s do this! Time to drop us an email –