Creative Performance

What is Vogan Collective Creative Performance?

Creative Performance is the athlete management leg of Vogan Creative. We take on athletes, help them with their digital presence and help them raise the profile of themselves as an athlete brand.

What’s involved?

It varies from athlete to athlete, depending on what they’re currently doing on social media, what they want to achieve, the level of sport they compete at and their personality.



Whats the process?

First we’ll meet up with you (face-to-face) if possible, so that we can get to know you: your sport, your training programmes, your competitive season, your goals, your previous successes, your favourite flavour of pizza etc. The focus is on you.

How much work is it for the athlete?

Generally – not that much at all. You may not realise it, but you’re generating content all the time. That selfie you took on the way to training? That awesome sunset you saw on the way back? The picture of the ice cream you snapchatted to your bestie after your race? All content.

We just help you get that content out into the world, so you can focus on your training, competitions, school etc.

Sport is fun, and sport should always be fun – and we promise to keep it that way.

How much is it going to cost me?

We know that as an athlete, it’s difficult to earn a huge paycheck each month – so we make sure our fees reflect that.

Our fees:

  • £15 per month for junior athletes
  • £25 per month for senior athletes

BUT as part of that fee, we’ll do our best to help out with promoted content on social media channels, as well as domain costs and website hosting.


Now let’s do this! Time to drop us an email –